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Project: Eight Questions


Some of the colorful projects and eight questions

Our first project for reading comprehension of The Tortoise and the Hare includes eight questions about Aesop, tortoises and hares. Students were instructed to draw a tortoise and a hare, add a title, and answer eight questions including “Who was Aesop?”, “What do turtles eat?”,  and “Where do hares live?” Students researched the answers and returned the projects with colorful illustrations.

Project by Keyla, class 5ºD

Project by Keyla, class 5ºD

1. Who was Aesop?

2. What do tortoises eat?
3. Where do tortoises live?
4. What are 3 types of tortoises?
5. What color are tortoises?
6. What do hares eat?
7. Where do hares live?
8. What color are hares?

Project by Fabianna, Class 5ºC

Project by Fabianna, Class 5ºC

Students were graded on presentation (paper and colors), inclusion of a title, and format (completion) of all eight questions. While the most challenging answer was regarding Aesop, “a Greek writer who lived in the century VII B.C.” (Laura, class 5ºD), answers for types of turtles ranged from “aquatic, terrestrial and Galapagos” (Keyla, class 5ºD), and nearly all students noted that hares eat carrots and live in burrows.



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Canción/Song: Tortoise and the Hare

tortoise hareOur 5th grade class is studying Reading Stories: The Tortoise and the Hare by Aesop, the ancient Greek fabulist or story teller. Our class uses the workbook Soluciones, published by Libro y Libro Compania; this lesson is from Unit 3: Reading Stories pages 19-27. This song, created in response to an English class survey where students expressed wanting to sing and play games more in class, is sung to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Canción/Song: Tortoise and the Hare

See the tortoise walking slow, very very very slow
See the hare, he’s running fast, very very very fast

The tortoise is sure and doesn’t stop, he just walks and walks and walks
The hare keeps running then he stops, he has drink and sleeps a lot

Soon the tortoise crosses the line, and the hare is far behind
Look! The tortoise wins the race, slow and sure he wins the race

Lyrics ©2014 Kate Dana. Feel free to copy and share!